CHAPTER FOUR: In-School Veterinary Science Classes for High School (HS)

In-School Veterinary Science 

  1. HS and University-level Veterinary Science Class

 For high school students, the youth and sled dog program can be part of the curriculum as an elective course, as a science course, or as a course with dual high school and University-level credit for the student participant.

  • For an elective credit, veterinary science classes with a kennel workshop component can be taught by any teacher.
  • For credit in science toward high school graduation, only an Alaska Board of Education-approved class, taught by a certified animal husbandry teacher or science teacher with extensive animal experience will qualify.
  • For dual high school/college credit, the University of Alaska Veterinary Medicine Department needs to certify the course.
  1. HS Veterinary Science State of Alaska Board of Education-approved curriculum for dual high  school and/or college credit

~ King Career Center’s Veterinary Science I & II curriculum by Leesa Wingo

~YKSD ’s Veterinary Science I, II, III, & IV curriculum by Peggy Bruno  Part 1    Part 2

  1.  HS Veterinary Science lesson plans

 ~YKSD’s Veterinary Science lesson plans by Peggy Bruno     

~HS Math Science ideas

~GPS use                                            

  1. University-level Veterinary Science & Dog Mushing curriculum & lesson plans

~University of Alaska Anchorage’s Dog Mushing curriculum/lesson plans by Libet Norris 

 ~Alaska Pacific University’s Dog Mushing curriculum/lesson plans by Annie Grenier

  1. University of Alaska-Fairbanks Department of Veterinary Medicine Involvement 

The Department of Veterinary Medicine has offered assistance in developing curriculum and lesson plans including dog health, nutrition, and exercise physiology and performance. Classroom lectures may be provided by video, live video-conferencing, and/or on-campus class. Tours of the veterinary student facilities can be scheduled. Visits to the University give students the opportunity to see campus life and to talk to administrators and educators about degree programs before they graduate from high school. Student trips to UAF during the winter can be potentially combined with students’ shadowing veterinarians at local sled dog kennels. Trips made during the spring allow students to shadow veterinarians and dog mushers at the adult championship sprint sled dog races.

  ~Example of Student Trip to UAF/ONAC in March 2016

Dog Health and Kennel Manuals for teaching HS 

~ Mushing with Pride

~Ravenwood Veterinary Kennel Management Handout   Large file; smaller sections of this file may be downloaded below

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 References for HS teachers

~Curriculum and References about Culture/Dog Mushing