Most image, text and video credits are listed on the pages that they appear, or are embedded within the content. The following are exceptions: On the HOMEPAGE, the second rotating racing image with a dark blue sky and caption  “What is the Making of a Champion Mindset?” credit is 1982.02- Smith, Kirby of George Attla run of Rondy, and the third rotating image with dogs running right to left in deep snow and caption “Focus on your goal” credit is 1988.03-Courtesy of Fairbanks Daily News-Miner of George Attla running ONAC. Also, on the main page, the watercolor of sled dogs with header “Visit a dog mushing museum” credit is 2012.01- Sutton, Iris of Yukon Quest sled dogs.


A tremendous number of people helped make this web site possible. A special thanks to all those who found interest in the project and took the time to gather content. These people sought assistance from many more unknown people who are not acknowledged. Content credit is listed when known on the pages the content appears; however, some archival material sources could not be verified despite much detective work. Research on unknown credit sources will continue and be added to the web site when verified. Please send an email to project producer Kathy Turco if any errors are found.  CONTACT 


1982.03-Stapleton, Rob of George on training run

A very special thanks goes to George Attla for his outstanding commitment to the project despite it spanning many unexpected health-challenged years. His detailed memory of events over a seven-decade period has truly been impressive. He never declines to try to accurately answer seemingly endless questions about his racing career and the hundreds of people who were a part of it. There is much more content to add to the site in the future, and George said he will help if he is able. Thank you George Attla!

2012.04- Hill, Erik of Anchorage Daily News of Maxine Vehlow

Besides the dozens of people credited for content throughout the web site, there were many people who offered their assistance, and organizations, too. I want to extend a special thanks to the following professionals who gave a monumental amount of in-kind time to the project: to photographer, Maxine Vehlow, for her amazing energy and enthusiasm for the project. Her contribution was exceptional, namely her unparalleled historic sprint racing photos that capture a part of Alaska history like no others, and her ability to locate Fur Rendezvous World Championship Sled Dog racing information and content sources; to Len Kamerling for his consistent and good editing and cleanup of present-day and archival video footage and images in a variety of conditions; to Randy Johnson for his awesome attention to detail in the cleaning up of archival print material with images and a variety of other art and graphics in very marginal condition; and to Grace Pedersen for her fantastic editing of the text throughout the web site. A very special thanks to Jennifer Moss, the project’s web master, for her brilliant web site design and her efforts to make this project a reality. I would have been lost without her great grasp of the ever-changing web site technology and her patience with the creative process. Last but not least, a thanks to Laura Schue, the Alaska Humanities Forum project manager, for her unwavering support, patience, and strong belief in the project.

For gathering articles, print, photos, video, audio, and more, a thanks to Ginger Attla, Dorothy Yatlin, Steven Bergman, Marie Yaska, Rose Ambrose, Amanda Attla, Madeline Williams, Christine Attla, Vina Below, Steven and Catherine Attla, Gary Attla, Georgia Attla, Patti Brown, Susan Paskvan, David and Kay Henry, Cesa Sam, Eileen Jackson, Eddie Vent, Vincent Henry, Al Yatlin Sr., Wilson Sam, Tim Pavlick, Ross Sam, Joe Ambrose, Speedy Sam, Jeanette Vent, Fred and Audrey Bifelt, Bob Eley, Wayne & Jane Davis, Bridget Schwafel, Judy Bergemann, Tom McGrane, Dale & Jennifer Probert, Sam Harrel, Rod Boyce, Colleen Redmond, Heath Sandall, Lisa B. Fallgren, Rosemary Speranza, Dirk Tordoff, Allison Zusi-Cobb, Judy Ferguson, Karen Brewster, Bill Schneider, Marla Statscewich, Deb Nigro, Dwayne Nelson, Patty Imus, Ned Rozell, Susan Duck, Carol Daugherty, Greg Sellentin, Jane Pachomski, Rebecca Luczycki, Michael Manning, Harlow Robinson, Christopher Myers, Jan Hazen, Dave Duncan, Sharon Palmisano, Pat Dougherty, Anne Raup, Alice Arwezon, Irene Stewart, Bernie Washington, Carole Anderson, Dan Olson, Jim Lavrakas, Ronan Nagle, Cindy Moulburg, David Steele, Sally Blair, Kent Stugis, Lew Freeman, Bella & Bob Levorson, and Richard Moore.

For published archival photos, digital images, and newspaper and magazine articles, a thanks to Greater Anchorage Incorporated, Anchorage Museum of History & Art, Z. J. Loussac Public Library, University of Alaska Archives Library and University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Film Archives, the Alaska Daily News, Alaska Daily Times, and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Alaska Magazine, Mushing Magazine, Team & Trail, Tundra Times, River Times (Fairbanks Native Association), Ruralite (Golden Valley Electric Association), and The Council (Tanana Chiefs Conference). Other publication sources include Doyon Limited, the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, and the Alaska Dog Mushing Association.

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