Dog Connection

2007.03- Haver, Kraig of George with pup

George thinks that excellent care and mindful communication are the key to getting the best performance possible from a dog. He strongly believes that in order to win races, all the dogs in a team need to be healthy and happy, and told every day that they are winners. As a very experienced sled dog trainer, he is convinced that dogs have an extraordinary ability to sense a musher’s feelings and thoughts.

”A dog never makes a mistake. He is just a dog and he does what he does because he is a dog and thinks like a dog. It is you that makes the mistake because you haven’t trained him to do what you want him to do when you want him to do it. Or you have misjudged what he is able to do, physically or mentally. So if a mistake is made in the team, it is you that has made it, not the dog.”  ~George Attla