More Attla Race Footage

See two video clips of George Attla competing in Championship races in Anchorage and Fairbanks.  The footage was taken by KTVA Channel 11 in Anchorage and KTVF Channel 11 in Fairbanks. The Alaska Film Archives of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks provided the 1968 Fur Rendezvous archival film footage in digital format. The last video clip is George training a team near his cabin before his win of the 2011 Huslia New Year’s Race.

• Mushers racing 1968 Fur Rendezvous Championship
This footage shows the top four mushers along the Fur Rendezvous World Championship race track in Anchorage. George Attla, Charles Belford, Bill Sturdevant, and Gareth Wright make a road crossing, with a crowd of spectators nearby; Roland Lombard in the lead followed by George Attla, Charles Belford, and Bill Sturdevant; and lastly, George passing Roland Lombard to win the race.

• Mushers racing the 1975 Open North American World Championship
Produced from actual race footage of the 1975 Open North American World Championship, this music video shows mushers passing a few sections of the racetrack. On a sunny mid-March day, see close-up and wide camera views of mushers and their dog teams.

•Huslia 2011 George Attla double-sledding with Hilary Schwafel on a training run
This footage is of George Attla double-sledding with Hilary Schwafel 8 miles out on a 16-mile training run with 15 dogs. A snow machine follows to provide assistance if necessary. The run was taken in early January 2011, which was 11 months after George’s hip replacement surgery. He ran double-sled a few times to be sure he could handle the large team alone. George won the Koyukuk River Championship Bergman Sam memorial spring carnival race with this team.