Sprint Racing

Photo by Heath Sandall of the 2004 Open North American World Championship

2011 marked George Attla’s 53rd year of competitive racing, not counting the few years he raced in villages before he was 24 years old. The spreadsheet shows his place in 151 races held in Alaska, the Lower-48, and Canada; however, it does not show all the races he ran. Research on George’s race history was conducted over several years by many people including Ginger Attla, Dorothy Yatlin, Kathy Turco, Jean and Wayne Davies, David Steele, Judy Bergemann, Susan Duck, Bridget Schwafel, Tom McGrane, Sally O’Sullivan Bair, Dale and Jennifer Probert, Cindy Molburg, Susan Paslvan, and Maxine Vehlow.

2005.04- Folkestad, Tonje of George


George Attla Sled Dog Racing Record from 1958-2011 (PDF 7.2 KB)