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1970.02- Vehlow, Maxine of George at start of rondy

Working with dogs was George Attla’s boyhood passion, but bringing himself and the sport of sprint dog racing to world-class recognition was a unceasing, disciplined drive. He prepared for every race by sharpening his mindset while focusing on the narrow space between victory and defeat. These are attributes he learned from his father and others of his time, who developed strengths such as these to live as they did, completely off the land. George feels strongly that working with sled dogs can help youth learn about discipline, intuition, and success. He feels that youth need good role models and, over his lifetime, has felt compelled to share what he knows about the mindset of a winner.

1980's- Courtesy of Fairbanks News-Miner of George with kids

• 1999.03- The Tugline, George Attla graces Minnesota (PDF 4 MB)

• 2000.03- Detroit Lakes Trib., Young musher meets hero (PDF 624 KB)

• 2011.03- Junior North American presentation by Hilary (PPT 8.2 MB)

2010.05-Turco, Kathy of Hilary Schwafel and George training
2007.03- Simon, Bev of Stewart Attla with Grandpa before ONAC
2012.06- Attla,William of George Attla