Time Machine

1969 running Rondy
1969.02- Vehlow, Maxine of George run of Rondy

A walk through seven decades of George Attla’s life: Starting back in 1958 and through to the present, view articles published about George and sled dog racing all over the state of Alaska. The articles range in length, content, and source. Known as a fierce, intense, and aggressive racer, George is one of Alaska’s most recognized sports figures. It was the media’s coverage of his racing that elevated the popularity of the sport all over the world. Just as compelling is the introspective George Attla, who naturally brought mystery to the sport and thus spurred the public’s interest. Enjoy the read of a uniquely impressive 50-year sports career. Please come back to this page at a later date to read the additional articles posted within each decade.


1958.02- Anchorage Daily Times, Attla Dog Mushing Champion (JPG)


1961.01- Adventure in Alaska, Dog Mushers’ Annual (PDF 44.5MB)


1973.02- Alaska Magazine, Attla the Huslia Husler (PDF 17.8 MB)

1975.02- Anchorage Daily News, Attla regains title (JPG)


1983.02- Fur Rondy Guidebook, George Attla (PDF 21.8MB)


1994.07- Mushing Magazine, A conversation with George Attla (PDF 17.1 MB)


2000.01- Fairbanks Dalily News-Miner, There is no one quite like Attla (PDF 9.1 MB)        

2000.02- Anchorage Daily News, He owns the Rondy but don’t ask him for one more race (JPG)

2007.02- Anchorage Daily News, Attla sets tone for march into AKSHOF (PDF 9.8)

2007.02- Golden Valley RURALITE, A Mushing Legend: George Attla (PDF 9.4MB)

2008.03- Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, A local Hero (PDF 6.7 MB)

2009.10- First Alaskans Magazine, Huslia Hustler’s Still Going to Dogs (PDF 4.6 MB)


2012.03-  Mushing Magazine, Interview: George Attla Part II (PDF 1.5MB)