Books by George Attla

Everything I Know about Training and Racing Sled Dogs

by George Attla, edited by Bella Levorson

In the first comprehensive book ever written about sled dog racing, George Attla, one of the world’s top-ranking mushers, passes on all the secrets he has learned in a lifetime devoted to this highly competitive sport. George tells everything he knows, from the breeding, feeding, and training of sled dogs, to the equipment needed and the strategy of winning a race. And he tells it all in an easy, informal style, sprinkled with anecdotes and homespun philosophy. George’s collaborator Bella Levorsen trained and raced a team herself.

Special note to readers: The first edition was published in 1972 by Publishing Service. The second edition, published in 1974 by Arner Publications, contains a bonus chapter entitled “Beyond Knik – The Iditarod Trail!” Both editions are out of print; however, copies have been sold by Amazon at

  • Author: George Attla
  • Publisher: Arner Pubns; 2nd edition (June 1974)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0914124021
  • ISBN-13: 978-0914124023